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Learning More about Collecting Antique Fishing Reels

I hope that this website conveys some of the fascination I find with old fishing reels. If you are interested in learning more, first take a look at some of the books listed in the bibliography. But bear in mind that talking with other collectors, whether locally or at swap meets, is the best way to acquire maximum knowledge in a minimum amount of time. Listed below are some major tackle-collector clubs. And check out the links to other collectors and sportfishing museums at the bottom of this page.

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Old Reel Collectors Association (ORCA)

A rapidly growing club, ORCA has about 1000 members world-wide. Members receive six issues annually of "Reel News," the club magazine, a membership list that includes each member's collecting interests, information on the club's official reel grading system, and more. The club holds annual conventions in various locations. Annual dues are $40 (U.S.), $45 (Canada), or $75 (other), and multi-year memberships are available.

You can visit ORCA online.

National Fishing Lure Collectors Club (NFLCC)

You can visit NFLCC online.

Florida Antique Tackle Collectors, Inc. (FATC)

You can visit FATC online.

Dutch Angling Collectors' Association (DACA)/Vereniging Hengelsport Verzamelaars (V.H.V.)

You can visit DACA online.

Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association (CAFTA)

You can visit CAFTA online.

Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors (CATC)

You can visit CATC online.

Danish Tackle Collectors Association/Dansk Grejsamler Klub (DGK)

You can visit DGK online.

Australian Reel Collectors Association (ARCA)

You can visit ARCA online.

National Association of Antique Fishing Tackle Collectors/Associazone Nazionale Collezionisti Antiche Attrezzature da Pesca (ANTIPES)

You can visit ANTIPES online.

Spanish Association of Fishing Tackle Collectors/Asociación Española de Coleccionistas de Artículos de Pesca (AECAPS)

You can visit AECAPS online.

Some Links to Other Reel-Collector Sites

The Fishing Reels of Augustus D. Hendrick

The Fishing Reels of John Kopf

Antique Side Mount Reels (Jim Schottenham)

Skeleton Fly Reels (Richard Lodge)

Reely Old Reels & Antique Fishing Tackle (Paul Manuel)

Reelman's Antique Fishing Tackle (Merv Bortner)

Frank's...Shakespeare Fishing Tackle (Frank Rybarcyk)

Australian and English Game Reels (Jeff Overington)

Australian Antique & Collectable Fishing Reels (Warwick Doncaster)

Real's Reels: Classic ABU Collection (Wayne Real)

Bronson Reel Photos and Info (Robert Ellis et al.)

Ocean City Reel Photos and Info (Robert Ellis et al.)

Rick's Reels (Rick Heitman)

Wayne's Reel Collectibles (Wayne Benson)

Jon's Blog (Jon Kring)

Mitchell Collectors International (Luc de Medts)

Antique Tackle Web Sites on the Internet (Joe Yates)

Some Links to Sportfishing Museums

Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum
Livingston Manor, NY

American Museum of Fly Fishing
Manchester, VT

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum
Hayward, WI

International Game Fish Association
Dania Beach, FL

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association
Harrisburg, PA

Wonders of Wildlife
Springfield, MO

Minnesota Fishing Museum
Little Falls, MN

Destin History & Fishing Museum
Destin, FL

Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum
Lower Wedgeport, Nova Scotia

South Tyrolean Museum of Hunting & Fishing
Mareit, South Tyrol, Italy

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