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If you have reels to sell, if you need help with identification, if you're looking for specific reels, if you are interested in a bit of reel history, or if you have questions about collecting, I'll reply a.s.a.p.

If you need information on, or parts for, reels with the following brand names, first try these links to web pages of manufacturers and collectors. Don't forget to try your local tackle store for parts. You might find that your question already is answered in the Q. and A. pages posted on this site.

* Information on dating older Pflueger reels is available elsewhere.
# Information on dating older Shakespeare reels is available elsewhere.

For other current reel manufacturers, parts, or repairs, search thefishfinder.com:

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Appraisals: A useful appraisal must be based on, at least, pictures and a thorough description, including both cosmetic and mechanical criteria.

No one can provide a valid appraisal based only on a model name or number.

The best I can do under such circumstances is to alert you that your reel might have exceptional value.
Please email pictures in .jpg format, if possible, and try to keep them at sizes of 100KB or less.

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