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  Welcome! This website is about collecting antique fishing reels. I have been collecting vintage reels and other old tackle for over three decades, with a specialized interest in the history of reel design. Along the way, I've written a couple of books on reel history and several dozen articles on a variety of topics related to vintage reels. A few of the articles are available here.

  The purposes of publishing this site are to demonstrate some of the qualities of these old machines that make them so interesting and to provide some information on collecting them. I hope you enjoy "leafing through" these pages. If you have antique fishing reels that you wish to trade or sell, please feel free to e-mail me. I usually have some reels available for sale or trade, as well, so let me know what you may be looking for. In addition, I always welcome information on interesting old reels.

Steve Vernon



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(Lehigh River Stocking Association--They continue the work begun by Thaddeus Norris. Check out their site.)

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Updated May14, 2018

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